Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dish Alert

Artist: Basement Jaxx
Albums: Remedy and the Red Alert single
Released in: 1999

Basement Jaxx = Simon + Felix (British, house with lots of vocals and pop song structure, great for parties and dancing).

Freshman year of college + me + a good friend = Basement Jaxx obsession (to the point of hijacking stereo systems at parties and putting on Red Alert)

Now = still fun and charming (see especially Bingo Bango), but no longer the best thing ever

Saw Them Live: (i) in Boston, at a small club, before they were really famous (before they sold out, man!) (ii) in Cambridge England, where I was almost crushed by a mob surging forward during Where's Your Head At (which is actually from Rooty, the next album in the Project...)

P.S. I've started linking to videos of the trax that I mention, and I highly recommend the video of Rendez-Vu, which originally got me into the Jaxx when I saw it on MTV's Amp.

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