Monday, February 16, 2009

Dishes Bell Knoll

Artist: Cocteau Twins
Album: Blue Bell Knoll
Released in: 1988
But Really Sounds: Timeless

All the hallmarks of the Cocteau Twins are here:
  • ethereal, other-worldly synths, guitars, harpsichords, etc.
  • feathery light and sky high melody lines with unintelligible lyrics
  • delicate layering of the sounds and soaring climaxes (e.g., 1:45 or so into Athol-Brose)
  • understated but perfect drum tracks
The overall effect is quite beautiful. I'd forgotten how good this album is -- the two other Cocteau Twins albums I own (Heaven or Las Vegas and Victorialand) are soaked in wonderful memories for me so this one tends to fade away.

Take a listen:

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