Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Re-Releases of the Un-dishes

Artist: Chicks on Speed
Album: The Re-releases of the Un-releases
Released in: 2000

All of the best songs on this album were first released on Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!, so I'll wait until I get to that CD to adore them in detail. The rest of R-r of the U-r is art-school filler that is funny the first time, but not worth the packaging it came in the second time.

The single exception: Turn of the Century. This is perhaps my favorite CoS song -- a thrash-y whirlwind of energy with a fantastic rave-up at the end that never fails to induce maniacal jumping around. Sophomore year of college, when the world got us down, me and my friend Jackie used to gather in my dorm room to dance and scream out the lyrics...

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